Meet and greet in Newcastle (Dec. 28, 2013)


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If you haven’t heard this song you should go listen now because literally every line is amazing and I couldn’t gif it all [x]

As you just saw, when I was a kid, I was a little bit chubby and not many people at school wanted to be friends with me. And you know what? I didn’t let it get me down. My granddad, who’s in the audience today, bought me a guitar and I learned how to play it. I auditioned for X Factor and met my 3 best friends and now I’m in Union J!  x

The way George looks at Josh is adorable~

Meet and greet in Newcastle (Dec. 28, 2013)

Jaymi performing at Chester Rocks


Because we talked about Union J getting no help to promote their single and I JUST GOT THIS IDEA I AM SORRY I SHOULD NEVER EVER BE ALLOWED NEAR PHOTOSHOP OK feel free to delete comment lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Union J